Short Stories

This page contains some of my published stories. Happy reading!

Good Game, David was a professional bicyclist until an accident changed his life. Now, paralyzed and sinking into despair, he must learn to live on two wheels. Again.

The mulberry tree
Have you ever had a terrible day at work--one so bad that you wanted to walk away and never return? What makes that day different from any other?

Payback is a bitch.
When a personal tragedy costs Detective Rosa Wolfe everything--her marriage, her career, and her badge--she returns to the streets she once patrolled, finding satisfaction in high-payoff vengeance for hire.

To live again
Not a typical ghost story. Tired of living in fear, Allison adopts Vanquisher, a scrappy pit bull terrier mix facing euthanasia. "To live again" is my first and favorite story. I've learned a lot about storytelling since I wrote it.

Walk with pediatric hematologist Dr. Angel Carter as she fights her own battle with a chlldhood blood disorder. "Remission" grew from my own experiences with spherocytosis.

The good old summer time
In a rural North Carolina town, an elderly woman's passing and her enduring spirit provide the catalyst for an unusual friendship.

Peculiar advice
Take a satirical and humorous (I hope) journey into one day in a North Carolina teacher's life.

Nothing but trouble
For a young mother with three children and a dog named Trouble, daily life is a struggle--until it takes an unexpected twist.